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Virus removal

The scanning and removal of viruses may be the most important form of maintenance, and it is vital to keep up with tasks or else risk losing the functional use of one’s computer.

Computer Tuneup

Computers can slow down over time and require routine maintenance to clean up. Tech on Duty can can help clean up the mess with a Computer Tune-up package.

Lost password recovery

Lost or forgot your password, don’t worry we will remove your password and help you to create a new one.

Data backup & recovery

Without data management, your business might be in turmoil. Do what you can to make sure your data is secure, yet available when you need it most.

Software installation

The programs you need to operate on your computer(s) like Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Antivirus and many others, we can install and configure for you

OS Restore

Operating system (OS) is the engine your computer runs on. Without it your computer is just a metal brick. Tech on Duty will restore you OS in case it failed loading, replaced Hard Drive, bad update or virus made it unstable.

Hardware replacement

We'll replace or upgrade any defective parts on your computer as: keyboard, Hard Drive Disk, Motherboard, Memory RAM, Video Card, Power Supply Unit (PSU), etc. If the part is not listed — call us.

Cracked laptop screen

Is your laptop screen cracked or broken? What a bummer! Don’t get frustrated we are here for you. Give us a call and we’ll get the part ASAP and have it fixed in no time. After all it’s just a cracked screen.